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3-Tine German Made Cultivator

The long European Ash handle saves your back

This long-handled, stand-up gardening tool is very sharp, with real heft – use this early in the season to break up hard ground, or when watering has left the dirt compacted. The cultivator’s broad tines  (  Carbon Steel) will cut deep into hard surfaces to loosen and move generous amounts of soil. The European Ash handles are comfortable in the hand, and long enough to save your back when breaking up hard earth. Made in Germany to our specifications by a long-respected blacksmith foundry. Dimensions:

 41” long overall

Cultivator Tines: 7” long; 

Individual Items

  • 3-Tine German Made Cultivator

    54A03.01  - Available 07/22/2022

    3-Tine German Made Cultivator

Subtotal: $56.50

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