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36" Long Mini Shovel

Made by the same superb maker of our other All-Steel Spades, Forks and Shovels. These specialty tools are specially designed for moderate-scale close work digging repeated holes of a similar size when planting or working around in a tight area.

The Mini-Shovel is 36" long handle and a 3-3/4" wide sharply pointed blade is superb for digging repetitive holes while standing up when planting. It's like using a large dibbler. 

All blades and handles are fully welded, with sharpened edges for ease of soil entry; handles are plated or painted for rust protection.

Individual Items

  • 36" Long Mini Shovel

    79W04.03  - Available 01/22/2023

    36" Long Mini Shovel

Subtotal: $84.00

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