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36-Piece Letter/Number Punch Set 5/16 In.

We think every shop and hobby room should have an “ID” set like these – they offer a tremendous range of personalization options for just about any item or project. We like to customize our tools and/or tool handles—it’s easy to get things mixed up over time and with others, and these also add a personal touch to any craft project, whether you’re using leather, wood, metal – or just about anything else. (This is a nice step up from rubber stamps!) The set includes letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 8 (just flip the 6 upside down for 9). Each stamp is made from 6150 chrome-vanadium steel. The full set comes in a vibrant red plastic case. Available in two-character sizes: ¼” and 5/16”


Individual Items

  • 36-Piece Letter/Number Punch Set 5/16 In.


    36-Piece Letter/Number Punch Set 5/16 In.

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