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4-in-1 Trowel & Weeder

Use the same tools for many jobs with this handy and clever multipurpose garden tool. The basic shape is that of the garden towel, but it also has markings down the interior of its face to assist you in determining various depths when planting bulbs. The tip of the trowel ends in a V shaped notch that serves as a fulcrum weeder for various taproots such as dandelions. A serrated edge runs along the length of one side that will cut roots and tougher stalks, while the other side features a hook which will come in very handy for tearing open bags of soil, mulch, and peat moss. Made of powder coated steel and with an ash wood handle, it measures 12 ⅞” L overall, with a 1 ¾” wide blade. Toss this into your apron or garden tote and save yourself extra weight and space. 


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  • 4-in-1 Trowel & Weeder


    4-in-1 Trowel & Weeder

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