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45th Anniversary Rosewood & Brass Try Squares

Gift Set Of Four Precision Squares

If the first lesson in woodworking is how to get your tools sharp, the very next step to master (or at least get close) is getting your materials square. Whether you’re building a birdhouse, a table, or a family home, if you can’t ensure reliable 90-degree angles and flat surfaces, your results will suffer. Avoid mistakes when you shop properly made tools that really make a difference. 

Of all the tools in your arsenal, the 45th-anniversary rosewood and brass try squares are the ones where getting it right matters most. We’re celebrating 45 years of knowledge of woodworking tools with this special set of Garrett Wade try squares. Celebrate with us when you shop these essential pieces today!

Try Squares Details

Constructed with rosewood and brass, these tools are calibrated to ensure exacting measurements. These four precision squares measure 9 ¾”, 7 ¾”, 5”, and 4” at the blade, so you’ll always have the right size for the task. Carry them around in the included pine box, featuring the Garrett Wade logo, for a little extra organization

Whether you’re a weekend crafter nailing together a bookshelf or you’re doing fine reproduction and restoration work, you need a stable foundation. Start your collection of tools at Garrett Wade today with this set of try squares.

Individual Items

  • 45th Anniversary Rosewood & Brass Try Squares


    45th Anniversary Rosewood & Brass Try Squares

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