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5" Beeswax Tapers - Box of 10

Cotton Wick Candles

Made in the USA

Sometimes, a large candle isn’t appropriate for your needs, so you look for a slightly more intimate light source. When you’re searching for a more personal candle, consider the short beeswax tapers at Garrett Wade. Setting a few of these cotton wick candles in your candle holders provides a warm glow that’s perfect for date nights and creating a cozy evening ambiance. A light honey hue and gentle wax scent are the hallmarks of these minimalist candles — a simple beauty that’s ideal for everyday needs or special occasions.

Beeswax Candles Specification

This is a box of ten 5” beeswax candles that were made in America. Crafted from pure hand-dipped beeswax and featuring 100% cotton self-trimming wicks, they’re rated to burn without smoke or drips for five hours. No need for wick trimming scissors or maintenance with these candles! Just let them burn away and blow them out as needed.

Our cotton wick beeswax candles are just one example of the unique products available at Garrett Wade. Just like everything else in our inventory, these candles are high-quality pieces made with a specific purpose in mind. Discover other light sources — ranging from candles to flashlights — when you explore our outdoor tools collection today.

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  • 5" Beeswax Tapers - Box of 10


    5" Beeswax Tapers - Box of 10

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