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5 LED String Lights on a 50 ft Heavy Duty cable

How Our 50 Ft Lights Can Help

Illuminate your large or long indoor and outdoor workspaces with this String of LED Work Lights. There are 5 lights per strand, spaced 10 feet apart, for 50 linear feet of illumination per strand.

These lights are constructed so that you can plug two strands together, on larger jobs. The super-bright LED bulbs give off 6,000 lumens and are linked by heavy duty #16 cable. Note that a protective plastic cage safeguards each bulb from dragging and falls. And because sometimes you have to work in rain or wet spaces, the connecting plugs feature waterproof covers.

All in all, these lights are great for construction site work, basement, or any job.

How Garrett Wade Can Help

Just like our popular 50 ft LED lights, all of our woodworking, gardening, and other tools are known for their resilience and beauty. Because they’re created by the globe’s best craftsmen, it’s no surprise that both hobbyists and professionals love ordering our tools for themselves or surprising friends and loved ones with them!

No matter what type of tool you’re looking for, our support team at Garrett Wade can easily help you pick the perfect one every time.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about all of our tool options! Don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay up to date on all that we have to offer!

Individual Items

  • 5 LED String Lights 50 ft cable 50W


    5 LED String Lights on a 50 ft Heavy Duty cable

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