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6-in-1 Multifunctional Electrician's Pliers

Grip, bend, cut, strip, crimp and deburr

These Multifunctional Electrician's Pliers, designed for the professional cable installer, offer huge flexibility for the handy homeowner and DIY’er. There's about no electrical work that this one tool cannot help with: cut cable, strip wire, crimp fittings and connectors, deburr cut metal tubing and junction box outlets, and grip pipes, nuts and bolts. With a 1/2” long serrated gripping area and a dead flat gripping tip (1/8” x 3/16"), these pliers excel at gripping and precisely bending flat or round wire and conductors. And of course, the quality can't be beat. The bolted joint mechanism provides smooth and precise plier operation with zero backlash: even the finest cable can be cut cleanly. Made of high grade tool steel, forged and oil hardened, with plastic-sheathed handles. Overall length is 8". Weight: 8 1/4oz. Highly recommended. Additional features include: • Smooth surfaces near the tips prevent damage to solid wires • Serrated gripping surfaces on flat jaws and pipe grip • Sides of jaw are ground flat for working on flush-mounted junction boxes. Ground edges of jaw will deburr feed-through holes • Stripping holes for 12 + 14 AWG • Crimp die for 12 - 20 AWG • Cable shears with induction-hardened precision cutting edges for copper and aluminum cables up to 19/32" dia. • Slim dimensions for easy access

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  • 6-in-1 Multifunctional Electrician's Pliers


    6-in-1 Multifunctional Electrician's Pliers

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