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6-Piece Multi-Purpose Screwdriver Set


Made in the USA

This versatile set of three Slot Screwdrivers and three Philips Heads can be used by a variety of craftsmen including woodworkers, mechanics, machinists and gunsmiths. Professional and hobbyist alike will love the snug precision fit these blades afford between driver and fastener. Blades are made of a Chromium-vanadium steel alloy with a black oxide finish. The hardwood handles enable a better grip as the hands get sweaty or oily. The parallel-ground tips of the Slotted blades will keep a tight grip on the screws. Slot tip thicknesses .030", .037", and .045". The Phillips screwdrivers have rounded shanks. The heads fit screw sizes #0, #1 and #2. Overall lengths 4" to 8-1/2". An excellent, all-purpose screwdriver set, for whatever job you have in store. USA made.

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  • 6-Piece Multi-Purpose Screwdriver Set


    6-Piece Multi-Purpose Screwdriver Set

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