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6-Piece Pro Kitchen Prep Set

Features Kitchen Items from Italy and France

A well-made meal starts with great preparation. To ensure you have a great base, we've created our kitchen prep set by combining tools from two of the top food countries - Italy & France.

From our friends in Italy, we have a stainless steel box grater with five grating surfaces to cut veggies, fruits, and both hard and soft cheeses. An exceptional stainless steel manual can opener. This professional-grade can opener pierces, cuts, and removes lids without slips or tears. They've been making this same one since the 1950s. Plus our ultra-sharp peeler will make quick work of vegetables and fruits. The stainless steel blade deftly removes food skins and is even adjustable for left-handed users. Lastly slice, dice, mince, and chop on the non-toxic, food-grade polypropylene cutting board. Cut veggies, fruits, meats, cheeses, and bread on its spacious surface without causing damage to your kitchen knives. A convenient ridge borders the cutting board and catches excess liquid, keeping your countertop tidy. All of these are dishwasher safe.

No kitchen is complete without proper kitchen knives, we've included two of our exclusive vintage French-made knives. One is a sticking knife for cutting up meat, the other is a "Turkish Style" paring knife. These were crafted over 40 years ago in Central France. These kitchen essentials are sure to thrill anyone who loves to cook and entertain.

Materials: cutting board - poly materials; box grater - steel; peeler- steel/poly materials; can opener- steel/poly materials; knives - steel/wood

Dimensions: Cutting board - 10.24"W x 15.26" L


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  • 6-Piece Pro Kitchen Prep Set


    6-Piece Pro Kitchen Prep Set

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