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Netherton 6" Spun Iron Stock Pot

We sometimes think of these as legacy cooking pots, since they are so beautifully crafted you’ll want to pass them on as family heirlooms. Available in two sizes, these spun iron stock pots have a beautiful matte black surface that feels timeless. They excel at making stocks, soups, meat pies, mac & cheese, and more. Two riveted handles make for easy transport and the snug fitting lid has a central knob and steam hole. Spun iron is much lighter than cast iron (generally half the weight), heats quickly, and holds heat beautifully. It’s also nearly indestructible. Pre-seasoned with flax oil, it will season further the more you use it, eventually developing a virtually non-stick surface. Made in Shropshire, England. The two sizes available are: 6¼ Diameter x 3 ¼” H; and 8” Diameter x 5” H.


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  • 6" Spun Iron Stock Pots


    Netherton 6" Spun Iron Stock Pot

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