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8" Dovetail Saw

Made in Sheffield, England

When people talk about a series of events “dovetailing nicely,” woodworkers’ ears perk up: we know that the common turn of phrase is actually a reference to one of the oldest, strongest, and most readily identifiable woodworking joints of all. Dovetails have been used to join boards since before written history and are found in ancient Chinese and Egyptian furniture forms; they’re also arguably more popular than ever today, when they’re frequently featured as a design element, and as proof of the maker’s skill.

The Pax 8” Dovetail Saw features a beautifully designed beech handle and a sharp 20tpi blade for smooth, accurate cuts, even during those marathon sessions at the bench. The kerf is .030. The saw measures 12” long with a maximum blade depth of 2 ¼”. Made in Sheffield, England, by the esteemed Thomas Flinn company.


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  • 8" Dovetail Saw


    8" Dovetail Saw

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