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9-1/2" Japanese Ryoba Saw

A traditional Japanese ryoba saw has teeth along both edges of the blade - one side for crosscutting, the other for rip cuts. Our Ryoba comes with a 9-1/2" replaceable blade that tapers to 3" wide. The crosscut edge has 15 tpi to produce a fine, smooth cut. The rip edge teeth increase in size and spacing from heel to toe - 10 tpi to 7 tpi. The most versatile & functional of the traditional Japanese saws. Overall length, 22-1/2"; weight 6-1/2 oz.Western craftsmen have long been fascinated by the great skill of the Japanese master joiner, cabinet maker and carpenter. In part, this skill derives from the design and usage of their tools. In particular, the Japanese Hand Saw is completely different from traditional Western saws. Because the saw cuts on the pull (not the push) stroke, the blade is in tension during use, with bowing eliminated. The blade is made from much thinner steel to produce a much finer kerf, with the set of the teeth minimized. The satisfying result is far greater control of the cut. 

Sold separately and as part of the Set of 4 Japanese Saws.

Individual Items

  • Replaceable Japanese Ryoba Pull Saws by Garrett Wade


    9-1/2" Japanese Ryoba Saw

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