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9" Vintage French All Purpose Knife

Short, tapered blade excels at prep work

From Thiers, the renowned knifemaking region of France, comes this rugged Vintage French all-purpose Bleeding Knife. The somewhat rough appearance of this smaller knife makes it a tool you may be more likely to use outdoors at the campsite or at your barbecue, rather than in the kitchen. However, don’t let the rustic look fool you – this is a great little tool, made with the care and high standards we’ve come to expect from Thiers.

These are sometime called Nonna knives, because of grandmothers of old use to use them for everything. The short, tapered blade excels at prep work of all kinds, whether cutting fruits and veggies or maneuvering around joints in meats. It’s also an excellent knife for harvesting veggies in the garden, and small enough to toss in a basket when you head out to collect your daily harvest. Three Brass pins in the handle accentuate the appearance. Dimensions: 9” long overall, with a 4” blade and 5” handle.


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  • 9" French Bleeding Knife


    9" Vintage French All Purpose Knife

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