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90 Hour Beeswax Pillars

There’s nothing like a real beeswax candles glow to add warmth to a room or a level of sophistication and intimacy to a dinner, whether for two or twelve. 

Available in three sizes: the large measures 6” H x 3” W and will burn for 90 hours. The burn times are impressive and make these beauties an economical as well as earth-friendly choice. Made in the USA.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Overall Material Beeswax
Overall Width 3"
Overall Length 3"
Overall Height 3.5"
Overall Weight 0.8 lbs.

Individual Items

  • 90 Hour Beeswax Pillars

    27A01.17  - Available 09/22/2023

    90 Hour Beeswax Pillars

Subtotal: $36.50

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