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A Cook's Cake Tester

With a hand-woven handle of natural broom stalks, this simple cake tester has a folksy bit of culinary history attached to it. When baking a cake or muffins, cooks would pluck a bristle out of a broom and insert it into the middle of the warm cake. If the bristle came out clean, it was done. You’ll have hundreds of bristles for decades of cakes.

This gorgeous hand-woven tool is an example of the ancient art of broom-craft. It was hand-made at a small college in Kentucky. Part of the school’s philosophy states that “lessons learned through the work of the hands ... nurtures the development of complete thinkers, who remain connected to the world around them.” We couldn’t agree more. It’s a beautifully made tool supporting a great culinary mission.

It's a bit of whimsy for bakers and it looks great in any kitchen. This cake tester is 7 1/2” high.

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  • A Cook's Cake Tester


    A Cook's Cake Tester

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