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Adjustable Firewood Holder & Organizer

Provides Ample Room for Your Firewood Stash

Designed to meet a range of space requirements, this versatile firewood holder ensures that you've got a neat and organized woodpile for those chilly months. Meticulously crafted in the Czech Republic, it can expand from 18-1/2" to 24" in width, providing ample room for your firewood stash. This adaptability allows you to maximize your storage efficiency while maintaining a tidy appearance. Measuring 39" in height and 10" in length, the Adjustable Firewood Holder is sturdy and free-standing, eliminating the need for tedious trips to the wood pile and makes it easier than ever to keep your fireplace roaring.

Best Uses: Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

Materials: Metal and rubber

Dimensions: Expands from 18 ½” to 24" in width and 39" in height and 10" in depth


Best Uses: Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

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  • Adjustable Firewood Holder & Organizer


    Adjustable Firewood Holder & Organizer


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