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All-Natural Rubber Bucket

Natural rubber has so many advantages over plastic that these have become our go-to buckets for daily use around the house and yard. First, these are pretty much indestructible. They’re frost- and freeze-proof, drop-proof, toddler-proof—you name it, they can withstand it. An extra-large lip around the top of the bucket provides extra stability whether you’re pouring water, cement, compost, chicken feed, garden debris … the possibilities are endless. (The lip also allows you to securely mount the bucket directly into a potting bench.) The 12-liter capacity (just over 3 gallons) is plenty big for daily use. Measures 12 ½” across and 10 ½” high. The galvanized steel handle provides an extra layer of toughness and elemental resistance. We really love this bucket & can’t recommend it highly enough.

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  • All-Natural Rubber Bucket

    19A08.01  - Available 03/03/2024

    All-Natural Rubber Bucket


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