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Aluminum Stove Top - Waffle Maker

Take Breakfast to the Next Level with This Stove Top Waffle Maker

Garrett Wade is committed to providing high-quality tools and kitchenware. This waffle iron is no exception. Carefully crafted in Italy, this aluminum waffle iron is designed to be used in any cooking environment. It works equally well on a stovetop, in a fireplace, or over a campfire. The handles feature a 5"-long beechwood grip, perfectly polished for a premium turning experience. At 10" overall, it will keep your hands safely away from the heat source. Use the wire bale at the end of the handle to lock the baskets together. The waffle maker makes a single, 4.5" x 5" waffle.

Maintenance for this stove top waffle maker is simple. Wash and dry by hand with soap and water. Do not wash in a dishwasher.

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  • Aluminum Stove Top - Waffle Maker


    Aluminum Stove Top - Waffle Maker

    $41.50 $29.98

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