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Angled Professional Long Nose Pliers

Professional-grade ergonomic design

Many common electrical and mechanical tasks call for securely gripping small parts and conductors for precise, repetitive actions performed in confined space with limited visibility. The 25° Angled Long Nose Pliers have been designed to excel in these specific working conditions, and to perform well beyond the capabilities of standard “straight” pliers.

The long angled nose retrieves wires easily from the back of fixtures without blocking your view. Multiple jaw holding zones provide a secure grip on multiple shapes and sizes of work pieces. The jaws are serrated to the tip for superior holding capability on even tiny objects or wire. The integrated induction-hardened wire cutter efficiently and cleanly cuts aluminum, copper or medium hard steel wire. Forged from special tool steel and oil hardened, with plastic-covered 4-1/2” handles.

The Angled Long Nose Pliers, moreover, may be the most ergonomic tool in your bag. The 25° angle offers a far more comfortable working position for the hand while allowing greater visibility into the far reaches of the work zone. Greater maneuverability, better sightlines and superior ergonomics are working benefits you will most fully appreciate after a long day of work. We offer this fine tool with our highest recommendation.  Made in Germany.

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  • Angled Professional Long Nose Pliers


    Angled Professional Long Nose Pliers

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