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Arborist Folding & Extending Trim Saw

Light and Easy to Carry

Most substantial arborist Trim Saws are best used two-handed however ours is sturdy and light enough to be used one-handed as necessary. The 10-1/2" blade has very fast cutting, super-sharp, Japanese-style tri-grind teeth. Folded the saw is a compact 24-1/2". Unfold the blade, extend the twist lock aluminum handle, and instantly you have an 4' 5" saw. Once you add in your own height you'll be able to reach those tall branches you’d typically need to get a pole saw for.

Additionally a handy feature is the aluminum thumb lever which changes the cutting angle to achieve four different blade positions. The more curved the angle, the more downward torque for a more aggressive cut. It’s a well-designed, professional tool, and is strongly recommended. We like it a lot. Made in Japan.

Replacement blade for the Arborist Folding Saw available here.

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  • Arborist Folding & Extending Trim Saw


    Arborist Folding & Extending Trim Saw

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