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Arborist Large Raker-Tooth Pruning Saw

Especially suited to cutting green wood. Ergonomic Cushioned Handle Reduces Fatigue.

Unlike many pruning saws, this 20" model has 'rakers' (the gaps between the tri-cut teeth) for fast removal of sawdust from the cut. This is especially useful when cutting larger branches. It excels at cutting green wood that produces damp sawdust - but will not perform as fast as a standard pruning saw (one without rakers) when cutting dead wood. The rakers are omitted from the end of the blade – start your cut in this area. The ergonomic handle has a cushioned insert that makes the saw very controllable for long periods, and it’s surprisingly lightweight for its size – it weighs a very well balanced 16oz. This is an excellent complement to the standard non-raker) pruning saw at a very affordable price.

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  • Arborist Large Raker-Tooth Pruning Saw


    Arborist Large Raker-Tooth Pruning Saw

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