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Beautiful Brass Capsule Multi-Tool & Wallet

Civilized Gear to Carry Every Day

The items in this gear kit are both slim, light and handy enough to earn the ‘everyday carry’ stamp. We discovered an early variant of the Capsule Multi Tool, a clever vintage gadget, at a London flea market. We loved it so much that we re-created our own version. The capsule is solid brass, with five handy steel tools—a Hook Blade, Flat- and Phillips-head screwdrivers, Gimlet, and Corkscrew. To use, just unscrew the two halves, insert a tool, and re-assemble the capsule (which doubles as a handle). The soft leather Card Wallet is made in France, and just right for your daily necessities—credit card, ID, transit card, cash—without bulking up your pocket, knapsack or purse. This perfect pair of elegant, well-designed, beautifully made pocket-sized items will make you feel civilized.


Length 3 ¼”
Widest Diameter Just over 11/16”
Weight 2 ¾ oz.



Individual Items

  • Beautiful Brass Capsule Multi-Tool & Wallet


    Beautiful Brass Capsule Multi-Tool & Wallet

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