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Bee Nest to Encourage Pollinators

This unusual little structure is specifically designed to house solitary bees, which do not live-in colonies or have venom in their stingers. Nor do they make honey, but they are crucial members of the natural world pollinating all kinds of plants around your home and garden, especially fruit trees. By providing a home for them, you assist in the survival and thriving of this crucial members of our natural world which are currently struggling. Mount on a post or wall (hanging hardware included) in a southern facing position for morning and evening sun. The open ends of the bamboo cylinders are the right diameter for bees to make their homes, and the protruding roof offers protection from rain. Dimensions: 8 ½” H x 5 ¼” W x 6” D.

Note: Our Post Anchor will make quick work of installation even in places where you don’t have an existing fence.

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  • Bee Nest to Encourage Pollinators

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    Bee Nest to Encourage Pollinators

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