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Beech and Goat Hair Keyboard Cleaning Brush

Made in Germany

Computer keyboards are just plain nasty.  Studies have shown that your keyboard is more germ-ridden than your toilet seat!  In addition to washing your hands before you sit at your computer, one of the best things you can do is brush out the dust, crumbs, and other assorted bits of crud that accumulate between (and eventually under) your keys, and this beautiful German-made oiled beech Keyboard Brush will help you do that in style.  The stiff goat hair bristles get down deep between the keys, and the soft poly ones remove lighter dust that will build up over the months and years.  Measures 3” x 3”, so it’s the perfect size to tuck into a desk drawer or stash on a nearby shelf to remind you to keep tidy.  As for the alternatives, compressed air is not just toxic to breathe in, it also contains greenhouse gases and ozone-depleting CFCs.  Consider this brush your carbon-neutral, healthy alternative.

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  • Beech and Goat Hair Keyboard Cleaning Brush


    Beech and Goat Hair Keyboard Cleaning Brush

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