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Beechwood Sewing Box & Scissor Set


Keep your sewing kit neat, organized, and at the ready, with this sublimely styled Beechwood Sewing Kit. The set consists of two stacked, nearly-identical boxes, made of lightly-oiled beech. One comes with a lid, and then that box serves as the top for the lower box. The lid has two small, powerful recessed magnets so that you can hang a pair of sewing scissors to the underside. We include our Classic Italian-made Sewing Scissors, handmade for professionals and featuring gilded finger holes shaped in a classic Art Deco pattern. With fingernail nicks along the top of each box, you can gently lift off the lid, or the box above it. Boxes are rectangular with gracefully rounded corners, and measure 7-1/2" long x 4" wide x 1-1/2" tall.

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  • Beechwood Sewing Box & Scissor Set


    Beechwood Sewing Box & Scissor Set


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