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Bird Feeder with Built-In Bath

Designed in Sweden, with a traditional Swedish house shape, this truly tiny house will provide both dinner- and splash-time to your neighborhood bird population. The bath, which holds approximately 2 quarts of water, is built into the roof, which lifts off to access the feeder below. Because the birds cannot actually sit in the feeder, this reduces the presence of harmful bacteria. Can be used as either a bath or feeder alone, of course, but offering both of these elements increases the likely presence of birds in your yard by as much as 50%. Made from wood, with a rust- and frost-proof polypropylene plastic roof. It even has its own little bird house right under the eave! Attaches to a pole using supplied screws. 

Note: Our Post Anchor will make quick work of installation even in places where you don’t have an existing fence.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Overall Width 6"
Overall Length 9.5"
Overall Height 8"
Overall Weight 2.30 lbs.

Individual Items

  • Bird Feeder with Built-In Bath


    Bird Feeder with Built-In Bath

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