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Black Multi Function Vise

head and swivel base both rotate a full 360 degrees

Our new Black Multi-function Vise can be fully oriented on two axes simultaneously, giving you endless positioning options. Features include tough ductile iron construction, a generous 5" jaw width and a 3" throat depth; a 360-degree swivel base with dual lockdown; and a head that rotates 360-degrees; and rust-resistant crinkle paint in a contemporary, matte black finish. In addition, has a 2½" pipe jaw capacity for working with round stock, and even has a small anvil. We can’t recommend this highly enough, for professional and home shops alike, for doing metalwork, woodwork, carving and patternmaking. This Heavy-Duty Vise weighs an impressive 35 lbs.

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  • Black Multi Function Vise


    Black Multi Function Vise

Subtotal: $180.00
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