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Blacksmith-Forged Dandelion Trowel

Handmade in the US by an Oregon blacksmith, this Dandelion Trowel is obviously useful for digging up dandelions, whose taproots tend to grow quite deep—you may have noticed they always seem to find a way to come back after you’ve pulled them up. That’s not a problem for this tool, which gets down deep with ease. We also love this tool for planting bulbs, as it excels at one thing: making a deep, straight hole—and making it fast. The 8” shovel is sharp and precisely angled for easy digging, and it’s particularly useful if you like to layer your bulbs for multiple seasonal blooms, as you can stack bulbs at multiple depths in the same hole. The 8” shovel measures 1 ½” wide and is made to last. Since this tool is handmade, no two are alike and may show some indications of the toolmaking process.

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  • Blacksmith-Forged Dandelion Trowel


    Blacksmith-Forged Dandelion Trowel

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