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Red Pig Fulcrum Weeder

Blacksmith-Forged Here in America

Made in the USA

Simple, elegant, and made in the USA to last pretty much forever, this incredibly effective weeder is handmade by an expert blacksmith and toolmaker in Oregon. Operation couldn’t be simpler: dig the forked end of the tool down next to the weed or plant to be removed, then pull back, letting physics and leverage do their thing. Dandelions and other taproots are a constant hassle, but this Fulcrum Weeder makes quick work of them. Measures 13” long and fully handmade, no two are alike and may show some indications of the toolmaking process.

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  • Blacksmith-Forged Fulcrum Weeder


    Red Pig Fulcrum Weeder

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Hand Forged & Made in the USA 

We’ve always taken great pride in working with small manufacturers and individual makers—true
craftspeople whose devotion to their trade is evident in the quality of their work. Red Pig Tools hand-makes an expansive line of garden tools that longtime Garrett Wade customers will almost certainly be familiar with.


"Most off-the-shelf tools have been manufactured to be efficient to make, not to use" - Seth Pauley (owner)


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