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Blacksmith-Forged Root Hook

Made in the US and modeled on a tool used in the growing and maintenance of bonsai trees, but enlarged for your garden. The Root Hook can literally save the life of your plants. Hand-forged by an Oregon blacksmith with a deep devotion to craft and toolmaking, it’s designed to gently tease apart plants that have become root bound (or pot bound)—a common condition when root systems start to outgrow their pot and grow into a swirling, nasty tangle. If not treated, this condition will eventually choke the plant, depriving it of the nutrients it needs to survive and thrive. One treatment for this condition involves slicing the roots before repotting or planting outdoors, but plants frequently don’t survive that kind of trauma. The Root Hook gently separates bound roots, without cutting or causing unnecessary damage. Made in the USA. Measures 8 ¾” long with a 3” hook. 

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  • Blacksmith-Forged Root Hook

    69A03.11  - Available 02/27/2023

    Blacksmith-Forged Root Hook

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