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Bluenose Schooner Model Ship Kit, 1:64 Scale

This beautiful 1:64 scale model, perfect for the more experienced builder, awaits your skill to bring it to life. The original Bluenose Schooner was built in Nova Scotia in 1921; a century later, it’s your turn to create. Measuring 32” L when completed, it features precision laser cut basswood for true plank-bulkhead construction, plus flexible basswood strips for planking the hull. Three sizes of rigging, wooden blocks, brass fittings--even a Brittania bilge pump, all crafted to exacting specifications. A newly updated illustrated 44-page instruction book guides you through this rewarding project. While the project requires patience and precision, the results are spectacular. We are proud to offer you this kit sourced from a U.S. maker who has been in the business since 1946. All parts are exceptionally high quality, made with meticulous detail and a commitment to authenticity in materials and process. Base not included. Made in the USA

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  • Bluenose Schooner Model Ship Kit, 1:64 Scale


    Bluenose Schooner Model Ship Kit, 1:64 Scale

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