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Bokashi Composter Bran 1.5 lbs

The bran is the magic ingredient in the bokashi composting system. The bran harbors billions of specially selected microbes. When added to your food waste in your bokashi bucket they get to work quickly. In just 4-6 weeks the bokashi microbe infused bran converts your food waste into homemade pre-compost and nutritious fertilizer. Our premium bokashi compost accelerator (bran) is a careful mix of EM (essential microbes), water, sugar, wheat bran and rice bran. Each of these ingredients plays a critical role in building a healthy environment for the bokashi microbes to thrive.

First, the microbes are the life within our premium bran. By providing the ideal environment for the EM, these microbes thrive and multiply. By the end of the production process there are billions and billions of happy microbes in your bokashi bran, ready to ferment your food scraps.

Water: The bokashi microbes (like you and I) need water to thrive and multiply. However, it's important to get the moisture level just right; at least 60%.

Sugar: This is essentially food for the bokashi microbes. Any form of simple carbohydrates can work; molasses, syrup, sugar etc.

Bran: Finally, the bran itself. The bran is simply a medium or substrate for the bokashi microbes to live on. A home for the bacteria! Anything with a decent amount of carbon in it will work. This may be wheat bran, rice husks, newspaper, coffee grounds…. Just something for the microbes to populate. This bran has the highest quality of essential microbes in every batch.

It is thoroughly dried before being bagged and shipped. The drying process puts the microbes into a dormant state and allows it to be stored for 1-2 years. Because it is dried in controlled conditions this ensures that the microbes remain healthy and ready to work for you. Too much heat and/or direct sunlight can harm the microbes making the bokashi bran ineffective.

It is freshly made throughout the year. This ensures that your bokashi bran is bursting with life and ready to get to work on your food scraps.

Dimensions: Weighs 1.5 lbs

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  • Bokashi Composter Bran 1.5 lbs

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    Bokashi Composter Bran 1.5 lbs

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