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Both Archimedes Drills

Ancient design for drilling precise small holes

These simple hand drills are an ancient, perfect design for drilling very tiny holes with minimal fuss. Simple to use, just press down on the top with a fingertip while working the bushing up and down the spiral screw shaft.

Available in two styles. The first, in solid brass, is 4-1/2" long and holds bits from 0.040" to 0.060" in its collet. The second is also solid brass, nickel plated, and is a little longer at 7-1/2". It has two collets with a capacity from almost 0 to about 0.055".

The drill bits (sold separately) range from 0.014 to 0.055". Five sizes (.014", .027" .035", .047" & .055") are available in a packs of two each size.

Made in India.

Individual Items

  • Both Archimedes Drills

    88H11.10  - Available 06/08/2022

    Both Archimedes Drills

    $28.45 $21.75
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