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Boxed Fire Starter Gift Set


Just in time for the cooler weather we’ve created a custom Fire Starter gift set that includes 32 Fire Starters, 2 boxes of long-burn matches (100 matches total) all packed in a handsome pine box (a $15 value) at a savings. Each Fire Starter is a bundle of wax-impregnated wood sticks measuring 3" long, with a candle wick imbedded in both ends. Very easy to use--simply light both wicks with a match and bury the bundle in the kindling (or under the logs if they are nice and dry). The bundles burn aggressively for about 15 minutes and are an excellent way to quickly get a blaze going in any stove, fireplace, campsite, or BBQ.

Keep a set on hand near your fireplace, or bring to your next cookout or yuletide gathering. Makes a great housewarming or host gift. We use them ourselves, and love them.

We are sorry, this product is currently unavailable. See below for some suggestions or call us at 800-221-2942

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