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Boxwood Sewing Kit

Made for us in France

First is a Solid Boxwood Sewing Egg (like a small Darning Egg, it's an item rarely found these days, but very useful when mending rips and tears in clothing). It's a 1 Egg (measured across the wide top), with overall dimensions of 2-3/8" in length and 1-5/8" diameter.

The Sewing Set is packed in a simple yet beautifully turned Boxwood cylinder-like container with a threaded top. The Set includes a Boxwood Thimble and Bobbin (with capacity for 3 separate thread windings). Pop the ball-cap off the bobbin, and inside (amazingly) is a Needle Case. (It takes a very skilled turner, indeed, to pull that off in such small scale. Overall Container dimensions are 3-3/8" in length with a 7/8" diameter - plenty of extra room for pins, etc.

Anyone in the family who sews will love these traditional craft tools from France. Perfect for traveling, in the office for quick repairs, or just to have on hand in your backpack or purse. A lovely and very useful gift.

Please note: the Kit includes only the boxwood items shown in the picture. Sorry, no pins, needles or thread included.

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  • Boxwood Sewing Kit


    Boxwood Sewing Kit

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