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Brad Pusher

We use Brads for all kinds of situations, from wood trim to picture frames to modelling  projects, where their slender size allows precise fastening without the risk of splitting material that can occur with larger nails or screws.  Power tools for driving Brads exist, of course, and can be handy if you’re working on a large scale project, but we often find that this simple Brad pusher tool will work just as well for most smaller jobs, and at a fraction of the cost.  Just slide back the housing with an index finger, slip the Brad into the end of the steel cylinder, grip the hardwood handle and give a firm push.  The cylinder holds the Brad in place while the internal rod drives it accurately into your surface.  It’s a classic design, with nothing to plug in or break over time; solid, intuitive and effective.  

Dimensions: 3 ½” L handle, 5 ¾” L overall. 

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  • Brad Pusher


    Brad Pusher

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