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Bypass Pruner + Holster

This Bypass Pruner & Holster is part of our French Gardening Pruners Set (19S02.29.GP). These 6" Bypass Trimming Pruners are made from the same materials but the smaller size of the cutting jaws dictates that limited cutting capacity.  Nor do they need to be as the virtue of this smaller size is its maneuverability and its ability to work in tight spaces during close trimming.  It's a very popular tool for these reasons.  This Pruner also has a real leather holster but it has to be carried in the pocket as there is no loop for a belt to be threaded through.

Individual Items

  • Bypass Pruner + Holster

    19S02.70  - Available 02/27/2024

    Bypass Pruner + Holster

    $128.00 $115.00

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