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Carbon Marine Butcher Knife

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The excellent finds from our sources in Thiers, France, keep on coming, and this useful duo is ready to tackle some serious work. The Marine-style Butcher’s Knife, which is unmistakable with its signature “bulb” near the tip of the blade.  This is a subtle powerhouse of a kitchen tool, with a carbon steel blade and black wood handle with 2 brass rivets.  Measures 12” total with a 7” blade.  These are true Vintage knives 50-70 years old so quantities are limited, be sure to scoop up this unique set before our stock is sold out forever.

Note: These Vintage knives may come with some rust on the blade from the decades of storage - not from use. You can quickly remove the rust with either fine steel wool or our fine grit Rust Eraser. We've priced the knife to account for the effort.

Overall Dimensions

Width  1 1/4"
Length  12"
Height  .75"
Weight  .29"

Individual Items

  • Carbon Marine Butcher Knife


    Carbon Marine Butcher Knife

Subtotal: $19.00
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