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Classic Adjustable Woodworking Spokeshave

Spokeshaves are a traditional part of the woodworker’s arsenal (and have been since the 16th century). They are terrific tools for removing material from a length of stock and giving it rough shape before planing and sanding. Traditionally, spokeshaves were used to shape elongated pieces such as chair legs, arrows, or wagon wheel spokes (which is the source of their name). Our 9½" long Classic Spokeshave has a flat blade, making it a versatile tool suitable for shaping and smoothing rounded pieces like rungs and spindles, but it’s also excellent for working with squared-off shapes like table legs or flat surfaces as well. The large screw allows you to quickly adjust the high-carbon steel blade for placement or sharpening. The spokeshave also features a pre-drilled hole in the handle for hanging on a peg or hook in your shop. All in all, this is an excellent addition to your woodworking hand tool set.


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  • Classic Woodworking Spokeshave


    Classic Adjustable Woodworking Spokeshave


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