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Classic Beeswax Tapers, Light Green

Enjoy the glow and sweet honey aroma of 100% natural beeswax church tapers at your next celebration or intimate candle lit dinner. Each pair of sweet-smelling attractive candles is hand poured in the spirit of community by an eco-conscious company using sustainably and ethically harvested beeswax. We are proud to source these sage colored tapers from a woman-owned, locally-operated collective in the state of New York. They obtain the wax using a method called harvest capping which preserves the honeycomb (and doesn't disturb the bees) by removing only the top layer. This capped wax is free of pollen and other elements that are a part of the bee's honey production process. Burning pure natural wax candles instead of artificially scented and dyes or petroleum-based paraffin candles reduces indoor air pollution and limits exposure to allergy triggering chemicals. Church tapers are sold in pairs and wrapped together with a bow, the wicks are 100% cotton. Burn time is 12-14 hours.

Materials: Beeswax

Dimensions: 12" h x 1" diam.

Individual Items

  • Church Tapers - Green


    Classic Beeswax Tapers, Light Green

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