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Classic Cape Cod Saltbox Birdhouse & Feeder

Live upstairs and eat downstairs in this friendly little dual-purpose bird structure which acts as either a feeder or birdhouse (or both), depending on your needs. Fill up the bottom with seed mixtures during those cooler months when food resources become more scarce; in the spring, smaller birds will find a cozy home thoughtfully equipped with ventilation holes and climbing notches on the inside walls to assist the younger birds in exiting. Made from solid wood, and decorated with environmentally-friendly paint, the cheerful white structure, with its green shutters and red door, is modeled after the typical cape cods and saltbox homes of New England. The house/feeder can be mounted on a wall or post using the included hardware. Designed in Sweden.

Note: Our Post Anchor will make quick work of installation even in places where you don’t have an existing fence.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Overall Width 6"
Overall Length 6"
Overall Height 9.5"
Overall Weight 2.15 lbs.

Individual Items

  • Classic Cape Cod Saltbox Birdhouse & Feeder


    Classic Cape Cod Saltbox Birdhouse & Feeder

Subtotal: $89.00
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