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Classic Embroidery Scissors with Leather Case


This Classic Set of three embroidery scissors, with delicate finger holes and fine lines, is comprised of a full range of sizes: 2, 3 and 4". Elegant, very well made and very sharp for precise sewing tasks. Also available is an optional matching leather case, specially designed to hold all three sizes. Handmade for us with precise stitching and handsome rivets; the snaps as well are very easy to open and close. It’s really exciting to find such gorgeous small, fabric tools of such quality. Scissors made in Italy by a premier maker.

Good looking, well made, and very useful. [NOTE: Scissors you already have may fit this Leather Case well.]

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  • Classic Embroidery Scissors with French-Made Leather Case

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    Classic Embroidery Scissors with Leather Case

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