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Climate Meter

Analog Climate Meter

Our new analog Climate Meter has both a hydrometer and thermometer to measure humidity and temperature. If, like us, you often wonder what is considered a comfortable humidity, look no further. The face of this climate meter clearly demarcates ranges for your convenience. You can easily discern the climate gauge for Very Dry, Ideal, Rust, and Mold. With this tool, you’ll always know what to expect when you step outside

Meter Details

This climate meter has a 4” diameter gauge that shows the humidity around the outside ring of the face, while the temperature sits in a smaller semi-circle at the 6 o’clock position. The lovely chrome body offers a comfortable grip and the black on white numbers and tick marks are very easy to read. Enjoy the reliability of a climate meter made in Germany when you add it to your tool kit.

For use outdoors, we recommend that you install the climate meter at a point that is protected as much as possible from weather conditions. It should be largely protected against direct sunlight and rainfall so that the measuring instrument displays unaltered values. For use in a room it should not be fixed on an exterior wall since this is generally cooler than the room itself. Proximity to heating elements and other radiation sources should also be avoided.

Whether you place this in your workshop, office, or garden, the hydrometer and thermometer is a great tool to have at hand. Browse other everyday tools at Garrett Wade today!

  • Measurement range humidity 0 bis 100 % RH
  • Measurement accuracy humidity +/- 3 % RH (20...100%), +1 scale graduation
  • Measurement range temperature 0 bis 40 °C
  • Measurement accuracy temperature +/- 1 °C, +1 scale graduation

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  • Climate Meter


    Climate Meter


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