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CNC Machined 24” Laser Level

This lightweight and easy-to-use 24” laser level is fast and incredibly accurate, giving you the most precise information for your layout process.  The heavy-duty aluminum alloy body with chrome finish has a strong magnetic base to adhere to any ferrous surface and the CNC-machined super flat edge allows for the most absolute level reading.  Simply set the level on your surface and press the button (taking care not to shine the laser in someone’s eyes, of course).  The precision digital sensor is accurate to +/- .2 degrees, with a resolution of .05 degrees, and the LCD display is clear and easy to read.  For traditionalists, it also includes the traditional bubble levels as well, in horizontal and vertical orientations. You likely won’t need them but they’re there. Also features a ¼” thread tripod mount. Operates with standard 9V battery (included), and comes with a protective pouch.

Overall Dimensions

 Width   1"
 Length  24.75"
 Height  2.25"
 Weight  1.3 lbs.


Individual Items

  • CNC Machined 24” Laser Level


    CNC Machined 24” Laser Level

Subtotal: $82.00
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