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CNC Machined Precision Layout Squares - 7 & 12 inches

As soon as we laid eyes on this highly accurate and attractive set, we wanted one for the Garrett Wade workshop and thought you’d want a set too. This pair of layout squares, in 7” and 12” lengths has everything you need: the precision blade and base provide a guaranteed 90° square, thanks to CNC single-frame construction, and it’s square to .0002 inch, with scale accuracy of .001 inch. Features marking for 16 and 32 scales (with fractions) and all major angles, as well as marking holes every 16th of an inch. Add to this a vivid blue anodized finish and a magnetized base for stability, it’s a tool you’ll really cherish.

This set includes both Precision Squares and as an added bonus a fine quality mechanical pencil & additional led that all fits neeting into a sturdy plastic storage case for protection and organization.

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  • CNC Machined 7” & 12” Layout Square Set

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    CNC Machined Precision Layout Squares - 7 & 12 inches


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