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Compact Bolt Cutter 200mm


The ‘Compact’ in these Compact Bolt & Cable Cutters is the 8” length, that allows them to do the work of their much longer cousins, with only one hand. The HRC-63 hardened-steel blades easily cut hard stock like semi-harden bolts, nails and rivets, but they are best for cutting cable. The PVC-covered ergonomic handles lessen the strain on your hands during long chores, while the spring action alleviates stress on the forearm and hands when doing repetitive cutting tasks like constructing a garden fence out of welded wire. Excellent, 20x lever ratio delivers outsize cutting strength with minimal effort. They open 3/8" wide and weigh in at about 12 oz. Highly recommended, a great tool that will last a long time.

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  • Compact Bolt Cutter 200mm


    Compact Bolt Cutter 200mm

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