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Compact Brass Folding Binoculars

We don’t often find an item that looks and feels equally at home on the hiking trail and at the opera house, but these Brass Folding Binoculars could make that transition with very little effort. With more than a hint of Victorian style and ingenuity, these brass looking glasses snap securely closed when not in use, forming their own sturdy carrying case; to open, simply twist the knob on the side, the case opens, and the lenses tilt up into position, ready to use. Such a simple fun mechanism. Measuring 4 ¾” x 3 ¾” when closed, these slip easily into a backpack or suit-coat pocket, and the brass adds a touch of rugged, old-world class. Great for spotting birds, stargazing, or just for carrying around town when you’re feeling curious about the world around you. Sturdy enough for the whole family to use, they’ll be enjoyed anywhere you go.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Overall Material Brass
Overall Width 4.75"
Overall Length 8.75"
Overall Height 4"
Overall Weight 0.55 lbs.

Individual Items

  • Compact Brass Binoculars

    48B01.14  - Available 07/07/2022

    Compact Brass Folding Binoculars

Subtotal: $38.00

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