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Compact Set of 160 Multiple-Copy Drill Bits


“Never” is a difficult standard, but in this case, it’s pretty close to the truth. This drill bit set specializes in the smallest sizes that are often the biggest problem to keep on hand because they can either wear out or damage most easily. This set of 160 drill bits are high speed steel with 135˚ tips. They are titanium coated (for wear resistance) professional bits for drilling all woods and soft metal. There are 14 sizes from 3/64” to 3/8". The sizes, and quantities of each are detailed in the table below. It is the best value if the smallest sizes are your main concern. A staff favorite.


Size: Quantity:
3/64" 27
1/16" 27
3/32" 27
7/64" 13
1/8" 13
9/64" 13
5/32" 13
11/64" 5
3/16" 5
7/32" 4
15/64" 4
1/4" 4
5/16" 3
3/8" 2

Individual Items

  • Compact Set of 160 Multiple-Copy Drill Bits


    Compact Set of 160 Multiple-Copy Drill Bits

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