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Complete Drill Bit & Organizer Set

33 Drill Bits for Use on Steel, Brick, Concrete, and Wood

You’ll receive three containers in an order: 

  • 1 container for masonry bits (stone or concrete).
  • 1 container for brad point bits (for wood).
  • 1 container for HSS high-speed steel (metals and other hard materials).

With 11 bits contained in each organizer (33 total bits), this complete set will follow you around the house and workshop. The HSS steel bits offer a combination of hardness, wear resistance, and high-temperature tolerance. The bit sizes range as follows: masonry 7/64”–7/16”; brad point 7/64”–3/8”; and high speed 1/16”–5/16”.

You’re covered regardless of what you’re drilling into. Combined they will cover almost any need when working with a wide range of materials. The unit’s design keeps bits safely stored and readily accessible by simply rotating the clear cap. Our Exceptionally Useful Drill Bit Organizer really lives up to its name.

Individual Items

  • Useful HSS Steel Drill Bits - Brad Point, Masonry, and High Speed


    Complete Drill Bit & Organizer Set

Subtotal: $25.50
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